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Weather Resistant Rubber Flex Cable Slocable

Characteristics of Rubber Cables 

1. The long-term allowable working temperature of the cable should not exceed 105°C. 2. The cable has a certain degree of weather resistance and certain oil resistance, and is suitable for outdoor or occasions where it is exposed to oil. 3. The cable is flame-retardant and meets the requirements of GB/T18380.1-2001 for single vertical burning. 4. When the cable is at 20℃, the insulation resistance between the insulated cores is above 50MΩKM. 5. Cables for electrical equipment and tools can withstand large mechanical external forces. Product characteristics: rubber is very soft, good elasticity, cold resistance, high-temperature resistance, oil resistance, ultraviolet resistance, good flexibility, high strength, not comparable to ordinary plastic threads.


Technical Data

Conductor: 99.99% copper, tinned wire  UV resistance: 2 PfG 2963/06.19 Annex F
 Insulation material: Rubber  High voltage and High current 
 Double walls insulation  Temperature range: -40℃~125℃
 Halogen-free material: EN50525-1 Annex B  Color: Black / Grey / Orange
 Flame test according to: DIN EN 50265-2-1 / 1571(VW-1)  Damp heat test: EN 60068-2-78
 Flame test: EN60332-1-2  Smoke density: EN61034-2
 Battery acid: ISO 19642-2 5.4.11  Acid and alkali resistance test: EN 60811-404


If you want to know more about rubber flexible cables, please click: https://www.slocable.com.cn/news/what-is-a-rubber-cable


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