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Slocable Split Junction Box for Solar Panel

Advantages of three-split junction box

1. Optimize the shell structure, and the anti-aging effect is significantly increased. This new type of split junction box adopts the latest research and development technology, and its shell (junction box, connector) has superior anti-aging and waterproof capabilities, and can be used normally under harsh environmental conditions. 2. The center distance of the improved bus bar is only 6mm, and the diode adopts resistance welding, the connection becomes safer and more reliable. 3. Better heat dissipation effect. Compared with a junction box, the split junction box generates less heat and has a better heat dissipation effect. 4. Save the length of the cable, and truly reduce the cost and increase the efficiency. The three-part design also changes the installation and outlet method, so that the positive and negative junction boxes can be installed on the left and right sides of the photovoltaic panel, which greatly shortens the distance between the battery panel and the circuit connection of the battery panel during engineering installation. This straight-out method not only reduces the cable loss, but also reduces the loss of power generation caused by the line length, and increases the power of the module.

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