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Solar Cable Van Roof Entry Gland Black Junction Box Slocable

Product Features

1. This Van Roof Entry Gland has IP68 waterproof level, perfect protection of photovoltaic cables. 2. The inner wall of the incoming cable is smooth and will not scratch the cable. 3. There is a rubber sealing ring at the joint to prevent mud, sand and water from entering. 4. Installation does not require drilling and will not damage the roof or yacht deck. 5. Paste installation, safe and beautiful, easy to disassemble, compatible with all solar panels. 6. Maintenance cables are easy to replace and are often buried directly in the driveway without adding a concrete protective layer. 7. ABS anti-KV agent, with anti-ultraviolet ability, to ensure that the product does not change color for a long time, and is durable. 8. Cable sleeves can prevent cable corrosion and extrusion of construction materials such as cement. 9. High strength, high rigidity, and good resistance to external signal interference.


Packing Specification

Cowhide box size: 104*55*118mm Single set including packaging weight: 0.098KG Packing quantity: 50 sets/carton Outer box size: 580*220*255mm Weight: 4.9/5.5 KG

We also provide White Waterproof ABS Solar Double Cable Entry Gland.



        The Solar Cable Roof Entry Gland is suitable for the installation of roof panels of RVs, yachts solar modules, buildings, garages, sheds, etc., and can also be used for the installation of flat roof photovoltaic modules.  

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