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OEM Manufacturer slocable solars cables wiring - AC Circuit Breaker – Slocable

AC Circuit Breaker for Solar System


AC MCB is used in lighting distribution system or motor distribution system for protecting overload and short circuit in the systems.

1)This product is novel in structure, light in weight, reliable and excellent in performance.

2)It has high breaking capacity and can trip quickly. Its case and body are made of highly fire-retardant and shockproof plastic. 
3)This product, with long life, is mainly used in AC 50Hz / 60Hz single-pole 240V or two / three / four-pole 415V circuit for overload and short circuit protection, as well as infrequent on-and-off switching electric equipment
 and lighting circuit in normal cases. This product conforms to GB10963 and IEC60898 standards.

Technical Data

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