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OEM Factory for waterproof ip68 connector - DC SPD Surge Protective Device for Solar System – Slocable

DC SPD Surge Protective Device for Solar System

Product Description

DC SPD Surge protective device, protect against lightning surge voltages in solar system (photovoltaic power supply system).

These units must be installed in parallel on the dc networks to be protected and provide commonand different modes protection. Its installed location are recommended at both ends of the dcpower supply line (solar panel side and inverter / converter side), especially if the line routing isexternal and long.

High energy MOVs equipped with specific thermal disconnectors and related failure indicators.

 Technical Data
Pole 2P 3P 3P
Classified test II II II
Uoc max  600V 1000V 1500V
Uc 600V 1000V 1500V
ln (8 /20 )us 20 20 20
lma x (8 /20 )us 40 40 40
Up 2.0 3.8 5.3

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