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Massive Selection for solar cable and wire - Slocable Air Switch Circuit Breaker – Slocable

        Air Switch Circuit Breaker is used in our home, as long as the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current of the air switch, the air switch automatically disconnects and then cuts off the power supply. This can effectively prevent the circuit from burning out due to excessive current.         When the air switch circuit breaker automatically disconnects the switch, there will be an arc at this time, and the air switch uses air as the medium of arc extinguishing to automatically cut off the circuit. Therefore, air switches are mainly named according to their way of arc extinguishing, and the medium of air switch arc extinguishing is air.         Air switch circuit breaker is very common in our low voltage power grid, but also a very important electrical appliance. It combines control and multiple protections. In addition to switching on and off the circuit, it can also protect the circuit and electrical equipment from short circuit, overload and under-voltage. In addition, it can also be used to start the motor infrequently.         The common air switch circuit breakers in our family are ordinary air switches, so the internal trip curves of these air switches are basically determined when they leave the factory. Therefore, the arc extinguishing ability of these air switches is also determined. However, if a professional can fine-tune the internal spring of the air switch, it can increase the speed of arc extinguishing, but can not improve the ability to extinguish arc.         Slocable can provide multiple brands of diesel generator set air switch, including Schneider switch, SIEMENS switch and Delixi switch, ABB switch, etc. Customers can choose the right switch according to theirs needs.

How to connect the air-switch breaker for your solar power system?