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Slocable Foldable Solar Panel Mobile Phone Charger

Product Description

• Portable, green and efficient. • More than 20% high-efficiency battery tablets, small volume, fast charging. • The configuration is available for various digital product connectors. • It can be used in three steps: open it in a sunny place, support the bracket, and connect the cable to the load.  

Product Parameter



SP-B20 SP-B70 SP-B90 SP-B105
Pmax 18W 20W 70W 90W 105W
Vmp 19V 5V/19V 5V/19V 5/19V 5/19V
Imp 1A 2/3A 2A/3.5A 2A/4.5A 2A/5A
Folds Folding 2 3 2 3
USB output DC 5.0V/2A DC 5.0V/2A DC 5.0V/2A DC 5.0V/2A DC 5.0V/2A
DC output DC19V/1A DC5V/3A DC19V/3.5A DC19V/4.5A DC19V/5A
Expanded Dimensions 392*268*10mm 336*490*4mm 1260*430*4mm 1060*560*4mm 1430*490*4mm
Folded Dimensions 392*268*10mm 336*200*15mm 350*430*35mm 530*560*30mm 380*490*35mm
Weight 0.5kg/set 1kg/set 2.5kg/set 3.0kg/set 3.5kg/set
Optional Accessories: Carabiner Clips*4PCS, DC-DC Cable*1M, Alligator Clip Cable*1PCS, Cigarette Lighter Plug *1PCS
Operating Temperature -40℃~+65℃

Packing Includings




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