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Slocable Anti-Reverse Diode Connector 55A 1600V

Product Features

· The chip is electrically insulated from the bottom board, and 3100V AC is insulated. · Adopt glass passivation chip welding, excellent temperature characteristics and power cycle ability. · Small size and light weight. · The key components are made of silicon carbide material, which consumes more than 15% less power than ordinary diodes. · Comply with ROHS standards. · Passed CE certification.


Product Details


Parameter Description of the Anti-Reverse Diode

Symbol Parameter Test Condition Temp. Value Unit
Min Max
IF(AV) Average forward current 180° half-sinusoid,50HZ Single heat dissipation,Tc=85 160   55 A
IF(RSM) RMS Current   160   85 A
VRRM Repetitive peak reverse voltage VRRM tp=10msVRSM=VRRM+200V 160 600 1800 V
IRRM Repetitive peak reverse current VRM=VRRM 160   3 mA
IFSM Surge forward current 10m width,half-sinusoidVR=0.6VRRM 160   2.3 KA
I2t Maximum rated value I2t   26.5 103a2s
VFM Peak forward voltage drop IFM=170A 25 0.78 0.82 V
Rth(j-c) Thermal resistant(junction to case) 180° half-sinusoid,positive heat dissipation     0.47 ℃/W
Rth(c-h) Thermal resistant(case to heatsink) 180° half-sinusoid,positive heat dissipation     0.2 ℃/W
Viso Insulation Voltage 50Hz,R.M.S,t=1min,Iiso:1Ma(max)   3100   V
Tstq Storage temperature     -40 125


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